ANZAC Day Books For Children

ANZAC DayAs ANZAC Day approaches it’s important that children begin to understand the significance of this day.

The following is a list of great books which deal specifically with ANZAC day. I’ve also included some powerful books that tackle the nature of war, both picture books AND chapter books, allowing a more broader discussion to take place.

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Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits by Phil Cummings

ANZAC Biscuits is wonderful way to remember ANZAC Day, it offers many discussion points both relating to the subject of war and the use of language.

A Day to Remember

 A Day to Remember by Jackie French

The over riding theme in this book is respect and thoughts for those who have fought. It does not glorify war, but stresses the personal element throughout.

Do Not Forget Australia

Do Not Forget Australia by Sally Murphy

A poignant picture book about Henri, about France, about Billy and about Australia. It is based on the true story of how strong bonds are developed in the face of adversity.

Picture Books dealing with war

Treasure Box

The Treasure Box by Margaret Wild

Margaret Wild’s thought provoking narrative follows Peter and his father as they escape the city. Peter is challenged to fulfil the promise he has made to his father to keep their treasure safe.

The Fair Dinkum War

The Fair Dinkum War by David Cox

The Fair Dinkum War from the talented David Cox captures the experience of Word War II from the eyes of a young child.

Potato Music

Potato Music by Christina Booth

This is a great story for younger readers who will remember the dancing and the music.  It will also be useful for older children who are showing awareness of issues such as war.  It will help them to appreciate its impact and deepen their understanding.

Chapter Books and Novels dealing with war

Children of the King

The Children of the King by Sonya Hartnett

A multi layered intriguing novel which captures the horror, isolation and frightening aspects of WWII from a child’s perspective. Intermingled with the power, destruction and ruthlessness of England’s regal history, more specifically the path to the crown taken by Richard III, this is a fascinating novel.

Pennies for Hitler

Pennies for Hitler by Jackie French

Pennies for Hitler challenges perceptions and prejudice looking at the events of WW2 from the perspective of Georg, part Jewish with English heritage, living in Germany and being swept up by the impact of the Fuhrer.

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