Amelia Fang and The Barbaric Ball


I began reading this to Year 3 one afternoon. Within a week half a dozen of the class had sourced their own copy. By the time we had reached the fantastic ending of this one, I looked up to find five eager pupils offering me Book Two (Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords) to start reading… immediately!

Yep – they were hooked! And I am still being asked – at least once a week – WHEN is book three coming out?? Laura?? Help!!

Amelia Fang is NOT happy. Her parents are planning their annual big event – the Barbaric Ball – and Amelia can think of 101 things she much rather be doing than attending it. Unfortunately for her, she has no choice.

Amelia is from Nocturnia, where daytime is feared… along with glitter, fairies and unicorns! Where Egyptian styled mummies are maids, ghosts are butlers, favoured snacks of choice include Toe Jam and Jellied Brains, and Amelia’s pet is a – pumpkin named Squishy.

The loveable Squishy quickly becomes the centre of Amelia’s adventure when he is pinched by the rather spoilt Prince Tangine. Amelia’s friends rally around her as they embark on a mission to rescue poor Squishy. Along the way they discover some interesting information about Tangine, and get caught up in some giggle inducing scrapes.

The attention to detail in both Anderson’s writing plus her black and white illustrations, are the source of much humour. Each of her friends are wonderfully created, we had much fun with the VERY SHOUTY voice of Florence the yeti.

Tangine emerges as a very intriguing, layered character – appearing as a spoilt child in the opening scenes, the reader gradually comes to understand more about him as the story unfolds.

Another interesting layer is Amelia and her friends (Creatures of the Dark), unquestioning fear of the Creatures of the Light. This starts to unfold a little during this novel, and comes increasingly into focus during Book 2, Amelia Fang and The Unicorn Lords.

Amelia Fang and The Barbaric Ball is a wonderfully quirky adventure novel – populated with fabulous characters and packed with giggles – it was a HUGE hit. Can’t recommend it enough.



Laura Ellen Anderson
Laura Ellen Anderson

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