Almost Anything

Almost Anything

Almost Anything is the wonderfully warm and empowering new picture book from Sophy Henn. 

George, an adorable white rabbit, is feeling very short on confidence.

He sits atop a tree stump watching his friends having lots of fun – from painting to skittles and dancing. But George won’t join in – because he fears that he just can’t do anything.

The Bear in this story is delightfully wise,  “as smart as she was old – and she was very old”  and has the most perfect solution for George.

A magic hat.

Fashioned from a piece of paper, it’s simple in design but huge in in its confidence building capabilities.  With the hat atop his head George gives a few things a try. And. Finds he can do them after all

“George leapt and twirled and jigged

until his feet felt weary. And then

he tried a spot of a painting…”

Sophy Henn‘s narrative captures George’s trepidation followed by excitement as he tries his paw at many different things. Bold splashes of uplifting colours inject energy into the pages as George’s confidence soars.

But what happens when that little paper hat, among all the excitement, gets lost? Bear is there, with words of wisdom in an incredibly charming ending to a charming picture book – Almost Anything.

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Sophy Henn
Sophy Henn

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