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All the Way to WA - Roland Harvey



All the Way to WA is the perfect picture book for those who like to absorb the tiny details in a book, to pour over it picking up on the details they may have missed on the first, second or even third reading.

Roland Harvey’s intricate. quirky and humorous illustrations lend themselves exactly to that type of reading. The family head out on the search for Uncle Kev, who has been reported missing during “a mission to find the fabled Bearded Night Parrot.’

Each page of this picture book explores another area of Western Australia – Fremantle, Cottesloe Beach, Monkey Mia and the Pilbara to name a few as they look our for clues which will lead them to Uncle Kev. All are captured in beautiful detail and accompanied by great text which, whilst it drives on a great plot, it also sweeps in some great information on each of the areas. Perfect!

I love the way the text encourages the reader to explore the pictures, generating a perfect relationship between the words and the illustrations whilst ensuring that the reader truly engages and understands.

All the Way to W.A. is the fifth picture book in Roland Harvey’s holiday adventure series. Have you read To The Top End, In the City, and/or At the Beach? If so, share your experience below.


Roland Harvey
Roland Harvey
Allen & Unwin

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