Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

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Alice's Adventures In Wonderland“the best way for a book to become a classic is to delight, and keep on delighting.” Philip Pullman, foreword.

This stunning, pale blue covered edition of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, with the glimmering red hearts certainly captured our attention. Adorned with the original image of Alice and the unforgettable Cheshire Cat it has re ignited our love for a classic character and found its own special place in My Book Corner.

New editions such as this one are perfect for reminding us of the universal appeal of a true classic, and provides the opportunity of enthusing a new generation with its magical appeal. The quick-witted, independent and spirited character of Alice still speaks to a modern audience.

Alice’s adventures are a classic. We all know bits and pieces of the story. The rabbit hole, the “eat me” and “drink me” dilemma and the unforgettable Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! Much fun has been had at My Book Corner whilst delving in to the chapters and reigniting a childish enjoyment of all things crazy and absurd! Alice’s Adventures certainly fits in to that category.

This hard cover edition presents the original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. The traditional image of Alice with her flowing hair, pinafore dress and stripy socks is maintained. The addition of colour to the images enhances their appeal. It has been achieved with a delicate hand and with an eye on their origins – they blend in beautifully.

Much has been made of the origins of Alice – what it all means and the real significance of the myriad of characters together with the settings in which Alice finds herself. Whole lectures and text books have been, and will continue to be, based on unpacking the mysteries! In the meantime, sit back and revel in this classic as you share it with a new generation!



Lewis Carol
Sir John Tenniel

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