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Alice Miranda New York - My Book corner

Alice-Miranda – confident, self assured, plucky and incredibly likeable! This is number five, yes five! … in this popular series.

Alice-Miranda, a character who manages to charm all those around her, shows positivity, manners and curiosity at an enviable level when her adventures take her to the eclectic New York. Undeterred by starting a new school in a new city Alice-Miranda leaps in with both feet and a smiling face.

It’s not long before mysteries start to present themselves and as their paths interweave Alice-Miranda and her friends set out to discover the reasons behind the long running family feud and the confusing series of errors that beset her parents’ renovations of their glamorous department store, Highton’s on Fifth.

I love the way fabulous details of this great city are sprinkled in to the plot sparking curiosity and knowledge amongst its young readers. A splattering of Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art containing The Dance Class by Edgar Degas, hotdogs, Rockefeller Centre, Brooklyn Bridge and more can be found within the pages of this chapter book.

Alice-Miranda is an interesting character, incredibly intelligent and beyond wealthy, Jacqueline Harvey manages to get the balance just right in preventing this character from becoming too sickly sweet and ensuring she becomes adorable and addictive. (FIVE books remember?!?)

With plots complicated enough to hold the attention of the slightly older age group Jacqueline Harvey has created an entertaining and highly enjoyable page turner of a series for young girls.


Jacqueline Harvey
Jacqueline Harvey
Random House

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