Alfie’s Search For Destiny

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David Hardy, the author and illustrator of Magabala’s latest publication, has worked for over 8 years at the amazing Walt Disney Animations Studios.

Impressive, huh?!

This talented Australian’s work can be seen in films such as The Lion King 3, Lilo & Stitch 2, The Little Mermaid and Tarzan II.

No wonder that his latest creation, Alfie, is such an adorable little character.

Alfie’s Search For Destiny is an utterly charming picture book, told aptly in captivating rhythm.

Alfie may be little, but he knows that something big is waiting for him. He has heard a lot about ‘destiny’, but to be honest, he’s still a little confused about what it actually is …

“Should I make it? Or is it something I should see?”

Alfie leaves home on an adventure in an attempt to find what he is looking for.

Hardy treats this intriguing topic with a clever, light touch.

Alfie’s adventure sees him mistaking crocs for rocks, looking behind trees and talking to roos, all accompanied by Hardy’s distinctive bright illustrations brimming with character and expression.

A great ending, (you’ll have to read it yourself to discover the details!), encourages all children to gently reflect on what is really important in life. Love it.

A great message, entertaining rhythm and vibrant illustrations.


David Hardy
David Hardy
Magabala Books

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