Alfie’s Christmas

Alfies ChristmasYou really can’t go far wrong with a picture book from Shirley Hughes especially when it’s one that involves Alfie.

Alfie’s Christmas is one that holds a special place for many families at Christmas.

There’s a warmth and calmness to Alfie’s Christmas, which I really relish at this time of year.

Through the character of Alfie, Shirley Hughes takes her little readers through some wonderful Christmas traditions – singing songs at nursery, baking biscuits, decorating the tree, church on Christmas day. There are many wonderful elements that Hughes squeezes into the pages.

The build up to Christmas and the day itself centres around family. I adore the realistic element too – little sister ‘Annie Rosie was tired and cross and she needed a rest.’

I love that through the visit of Great-Uncle Will – Australia gets a fab mention too, highlighting the different ways Christmas is celebrated.

Of course the pages are filled with the beloved warm illustrations Shirley Hughes does so well, making this a wonderful book to share at Christmas.

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Shirley Hughes
Shirley Hughes
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