Alex Sparrow and The Really Big Stink

Alex Sparrow And The Really Big Stink Alex Sparrow And The Really Big Stink is the brilliantly funny middle grade debut novel from author Jennifer Killick.

Alex Sparrow, was cruising along in Year 6, ‘life was awesome’… until one day it wasn’t. While his parents were out on a date night or as Alex refers to it – “an embarrassing, old-married-people thing” – Alex was on YouTube (now here’s a lesson on that;-) – a screen pop-up, a phone call… and that was the last time Alex felt normal. Ooops.

Now Alex is a walking, farting lie detector (yes!) and all the other kids at school are behaving. They’re really well behaved. Oddly so. Except one… Alex wasn’t the only one to investigate that pop-up window. Alex finds an unlikely alliance in Jess, and an obviously totally normal one in Bob the goldfish. Seriously, Bob the goldfish is really rather clever and makes a perfect crime fighting side kick. There’s a whole school to save… and more!

Killick’s voice is perfectly pitched for middle grade readers, with a brilliantly witty voice. Lots of twists and turns as Alex and Jess team up together to find out what exactly is going on at school, plus how and why they both ended up with rather odd super powers. Alex Sparrow And The Really Big Stink is a rollickingly good read, with plenty of laughs.

“Hello, I’m Alex, my right ear farts whenever somebody lies.”

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