Aalfred & Aalbert – Morag Hood

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aalfredandallbertAalfred & Aalbert – written and illustrated by Morag Hood, published by Two Hoots Books.

Aalfred and Aalbert are two aardvarks that are destined never to meet. One of them sleeps all day and the other sleeps all night. Nothing, it seems, can change that. Except a plan, some string and well placed broccoli, perhaps?

Morag Hood has the uncanny knack of creating the most heart-warming stories in just a few words. Her illustrations bring her characters to life, taking the reader by the hand as you turn each page, watching the story unfold.

This tale of friendship against all odds is a revelation and should be on every book shelf, preferably beside Morag Hood’s other works of genius – I Am Bat, The Steves, Colin and Lee/Carrot and Pea, and When Grandpa Was a Penguin.

[Reviewer’s own copy – we love it that much!]


Morag Hood
Morag Hood
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