A Witch Come True – James Nicol

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witchcometrueThat bittersweet moment, when a much cherished book series comes to an end. Sob!

A Witch Come True marks the final installment of James Nicol’s trilogy, it all started with The Apprentice Witch – and our first encounter with Arianwyn and the town of Lull.

WARNING: With frequent mentions of steaming mugs of  hot chocolates, tea, toast and hot buttered crumpets… this story WILL make you feel hungry!

Arianwyn is feeling a little adrift, the war is done, the quiet glyphs are very slowly showing themselves but she is feeling unsettled. Arianwyn’s Dad is now on the scene and his lack of confidence in his daughter is beginning to rub off on her. Arianwyn’s unease is compounded by Gimma’s disappearance and Mayor Belcher’s announcement that Yule celebrations must begin immediately… and of course, Arianwyn is the perfect witch to ensure everything happens smoothly. Isn’t she?

Well, Arianwyn is on a steep learning curve when it comes to the many mysterious elements of the Yule celebrations, she’s worried that she’ll let everyone down. Just as she’s thinking she’s going to need to summon all her skills, strength and bravery something (no spoilers!) comes along which stretches each of those to the absolute limit.

Arianwyn needs to dig deep, and quickly. So much is depending on her.

There’s a wonderful warm, comforting tone to Nicol’s world building. Delving into the world of Lull is like being wrapped up in a soft, cuddly blanket. Magical, intriguing and satisfying – what a superb trilogy!

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Just in case, you haven’t had the chance to visit Lull yet – the first book in the series is The Apprentice Witch, followed by A Witch Alone.

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