A Very Corgi Christmas – Sam Hay & Loretta Schauer

verycorgichristmasA Very Corgi Christmas, from Sam Hay and Loretta Schauer, is a fun adventure, set in the Royal Palace.

As the Palace bustles with Christmas excitement, the older corgis look on with reserve and dismay, they “were not amused.” Except for Bella, she LOVES Christmas.

But when Bella is told that she is getting in the way and that Christmas isn’t for corgis, she gazes out the window to the Christmas scenes unfolding without her. And that’s when she has an idea… she should go there.

Bella sneaks out and finds herself in the middle to Piccadilly Circus. London. It’s SO loud, SO busy and quite scary – fortunately, a new friend comes to rescue Bella.

Loretta Schauer’s illustrations are wonderfully warm, conveying that buzzing pre-Christmas fun so beautifully.

Pip and Bella have a wonderful time enjoying the sights, but when the time comes to go home (for surely the Palace will be missing Bella), what will become of Pip?

A joyful picture book filled with gorgeous puppies, an atmospheric adventure with a tail (* cough *) of friendship at its heart. A Very Corgi Christmas captures the excitement of Christmas in a wonderful manner.

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Sam Hay
Loretta Schauer
Simon & Schuster

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