A New Friend for Marmalade

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A New Friend for Marmalade

A New Friend for Marmalade is the warm follow up to the delightful A Year With Marmalade.

The first picture book from Alison Reynolds & Heath McKenzie caused quite a stir when it was published in 2012.


Gorgeous warmth emanated from the pages of this delightful picture book about friendship. Reynold’s fabulous word choices combined with McKenzie’s delicate illustrations produced a striking combination.

Have they done it again?

Well of course! Marmalade the adorable cat is back, and unwittingly solves a friendship dilemma.

Maddy and Ella are playing quite happily in their garden, thank you very much! With the sun warming their backs they build a cubby house, create sandcastle cities … there’s a problem. That Toby always whizzes past at just the wrong time, and when did they do let him play … well he just gets it wrong every time.

There’s lots of scowling, muttering and frowning from Maddy & Ella. But. Marmalade seems to be coping quite well indeed with the different ways of doing things that Toby seems to be introducing.

It takes a nail biting moment involving Marmalade up a tree, for Maddy and Ella to appreciate that different ways of doing things can often work out well. Very well indeed.

Alison Reynold’s wonderful use of language captures the two girls wonderfully. I love the range of adverbs she employs, emboldening her narrative with a vibrant feel.

The creative use of typography brings words to life – ‘Crack’ and ‘Stretched’ are presented in a fab manner which emphasises their meaning, making this wonderful for reading out-loud.

McKenzie’s beautiful illustrations use pops of colour nestled amongst his grey scale pencil drawings. They really are wonderful to pour over.

Marmalade’s vibrant green eyes are back, *smile*, this is one of my favourite picture books so far this year.

Just lovely.


Alison Reynolds
Heath McKenzie
Five Mile Press

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