A Little Guide to Gardening

A Little Guide to Gardening A Little Guide to Gardening from Jo Elworthy and Eleanor Taylor is a gloriously sweet, and wonderfully comprehensive, guide to gardening. Aimed at little readers, it conveys an infectious love of the outdoors and is sure to inspire and nurture plenty of budding green fingers.

A Little Guide to Gardening opens beautifully with a gentle narrative singing the praises of gardens of all sizes. ‘You can make your garden here, there or anywhere. You don’t even need a flower pot.’

From here Elworthy guides us through the seasons, pointing out the changes in the garden and all the little jobs we can do. She talks about growing herbs, eating fruit and veggies, attracting butterflies and even building a bug hotel.

Step by step instructions are wonderfully brought to life by Eleanor Taylor’s delicate illustrations which adorn each page. From that wonderful den made from delicate sweat peas to those cheeky moles tunnelling under the ground, they are sure to inspire budding gardeners.

Blank pages are provided in the back for you to keep a record of your garden throughout the seasons, there’s even a tick box to record what you’ve planted.

Package A Little Guide to Gardening up with a cute packet of seeds, and you’ve got an adorable gift that will provide hours of fun.

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