A Letter for Bear

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LetterForBearI adore picture books that celebrate the much neglected art of letter writing and receiving. A Letter for Bear, by David Lucas, achieves just that.

‘Bear was a postman’, he spends all his days tirelessly deliveringLetter For Bear letters to lots of lovely animal families. But. There’s never a single letter for him. When he gets home at the end of the day and sips on his soup, it’s not just his bag that is empty. Poor bear feels quite alone.

Bear decides to scribble a letter to each of the families, inviting them to a Christmas party in his cave. What a glorious event it turns out to be … and the contents of bLetter For Bearear’s postbag the next day are quite glorious too.


David Lucas’s gentle narrative has a wonderful lilt that takes the reader through bear’s up and downs. His gorgeous colour palette of aqua blues highlighted with splashes of pinks and oranges add a celebratory, uplifting feel to the tone of A Letter for Bear. Cute, enjoyable and a perfect way to show how little things can mean so much.



David Lucas
David Lucas
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