A Home For Bilby

A Home For Bilby

A fabulous eclectic mix of Australia’s unique and inspiring animals is presented in A Home for Bilby by Joanne Crawford.

A creative touch ensures that knowledge of the creatures is gently interwoven in to the story so that readers will reach the end knowing a great deal more about some of Australia’s best loved creatures.

This one would fit in perfectly to kindy / school sessions.

The storyline moves on with each turn of the page, and is told in a beautifully descriptive manner creating a unique character for each of the animals featured as they each try to work out the best home for the Bilby. The wombat is just how I imagined him to be …

“As he ambled towards his burrow, he called out in a gruff voice,”

The illustrations from the award winning Grace Fielding are a real highlight of this picture book. Each turn of the page presents these great animals against a different back drop which is expertly captured. My favourite is the one which focuses on kangaroo. The backdrop of the plains which kangaroo loves are captured with warm green, orange and red hues.

This great picture book is also available directly from Magabala Books.

A Home For Bilby is a featured book in our Best Books for Easter collection.


Joanne Crawford
Grace Fielding
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