A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas, written by Matt Haigh and illustrated by Chris Mould, is a fabulous chapter book – an imaginative retelling of how Saint Nick, Santa, Claus, Pelznickel, Kris Kringle came to be.

‘You are about to read the true story of Father Christmas.’

Nikolas lives with his father, Joel in ‘the second smallest cottage in the whole of Finland.’ Joel works hard from dawn to dusk, yet he and his son have very little money. Nikolas is more than happy. He has his own imagination and the stories his dad tells him every night about the elves of the Far North, who live in a magical place called Elthelm.

Haigh’s narrative whisks his reader on a journey that finds Nikolas desperately trying to find Elthelm. Once he arrives there, things aren’t the way they should be. Instead of happy go-lucky elves, he is confronted by a disheartened and saddened community ruled by a very pessimistic Father Topo. Humans are seen as the enemy, and so Nikolas is promptly imprisoned with a hungry troll and a dangerous pixie! And this is just the beginning of Nikolas’s journey!

The many twists and turns to this delightful novel, add energy and pace to the story. Haigh’s writing is both eloquent and knowledgeable. He captures the magic of Christmas at just the right level. Interweaved in the text is a brilliantly pitched message about acceptance and the power of kindness. You can’t help but absorb Haigh’s message about the power of positive thinking – towards yourself and others.

A Boy Called Christmas, adds a sprinkling of magic to the festive season. Perfectly pitched to older readers, it has much to say about believing in yourself and the power of kindness. A true treat!

‘An impossibility is just a possibility that you don’t understand,’ he said out loud.

‘Yes,’ said the Truth Pixie. ‘That is the truth.’


Matt Haig
Chris Mould
Cannon Gate

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