A Ball For Daisy

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A Ball For Daisy - Chris


With striking images conveying a myriad of emotions A Ball For Daisy tracks the up and down emotions of playing with a ball, loosing it … then finding a new one!

Daisy is a cute dog, drawn with great style by Chris Raschka. Giant, thick lines scribble across the page in a deceptively innocent manner. Daisy is at once a loveable character, her joy and happiness pop off pages containing multiple images or her frolicking with her vibrant red ball. Put this in the hands of little ones and watch as they begin to tell the story, their imagination fired in to life by Raschka’s unique style.

The magic emerges as feelings of empathy are teased out – firstly when she momentarily looses the beloved ball behind a fence, relief is short lived before the ball later bursts. Multiple images per page ensure the pace of this book matches the attention of young readers. The absence of words mean that it is the illustrations they are reading – a powerful tool promoting discussion, imagination and empathy. The images of Daisy staring in disbelief at the burst red ball before she shuffles back from the park with her shoulders hunched are heartbreakingly effective at conveying her feelings of lose. A return to the park the following day brings a new present … a sparkling new blue ball accompanied by a giant lift in spirits and emotions producing a delightfully happy ending.

A Ball for Daisy is the winner of the prestigous Caldecott medal 2012. A worthy winner, joining the 2011 winner A Sick Day for Amos McGee.


Chris Raschka
Chris Raschka
Random House

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