Fabulous Middle Grade Series to Delve In To

MGSeriesFictionGetting totally hooked on a book, and then discovering there are more in the series is a moment of pure joy don’t you think?

With that in mind I’ve put together a list of my favourite, recent MG series with the aim of introducing you to some new and exciting books.

Feel free to add your recent discoveries in the comment section below.

The Wells & Wong Mysteries by Robin Stevens

Hazel and Daisy feature in this beautifully written murder mystery series from Robin Stevens. The Victorian England setting gives it a great twist. Start with Murder Most Unladylike then Arsenic for Tea. The third book in the series is First Class Murder with Gunpowder, Murder and Plot to follow later in the year.


Amelia Fang by Laura Ellen Anderson

I began reading this to Year 3 one afternoon. Within a week half a dozen of the class had sourced their own copy. By the time we had reached the fantastic ending of this one, I looked up to find five eager pupils offering me Book Two (Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords) to start reading… immediately!

The Apprentice Witch by James Nicol

A wonderful page turner with a fresh voice. Full of magic and mayhem, the series follows the intriguing character of Arianwyn Gribble.

Who Let the Gods OutWho Let The Gods Out by Maz Evans

Maz Evans  balances silly with serious, black with boisterous and flat out touching sadness with a real uplifting message.

A totally recommended read.

Emily Sparkes by Ruth Fitzgerald

Emily is navigating her way through Year 6. She is a plucky yet fallible character, she makes mistakes and she has some brilliant opinions! She has plenty of cracking one-liners, making this great fun to read out loud. Begin with Emily Sparkes & The Friendship Fiasco, before moving on to Emily Sparkes & The Competition Calamity.

Goth Girl by Chris Riddell

Goth Girl by Chris Riddell

It is the series that everyone is talking about, especially with the release of book 3 just round the corner. Ada is the only child of eccentric Lord Goth in the huge Ghastly-Gorm Hall. Begin with Goth Girl: and the Ghost of a Mouse with Ada trying foil the plans of Maltravers, before moving on to Goth Girl: and the Fete Worse Than Death. Book 3? Goth Girl and the Wuthering Height.

Starlight Academy by Jess Renison

Boarding school + performing arts + by the sea = a rather lovely series. Featuring the strong willed Cassie who finds herself adapting to life at the seemingly restrictive boarding school. Friendship dramas, school issues and the grand performance feature in each one. Beautifully written, with well rendered characters and a good paced plot. Start with Starlight Academy, before moving on to Double Drama, then Mysteries At Starlight Academy.

The Marsh Road Mysteries by Elen Caldecott

Featuring the characters of Piotr, Minnie, Andrew Flora and Sylvie who join together to solve some fabulous mysteries. With plenty of dialogue the pace is quick, with a great handful of twists and turns on the way. Begin with Diamonds and Daggers when Piotr has a race against time to clear her dad’s name and prevent him from being sent home to Poland. Next is Crowns And Codebreakers.

For more middle grade suggestion try here. 

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