Evan’s Gallipoli

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Evan's Gallipoli

As the title would suggest, Evan’s Gallipoli is set against the background of the now infamous campaign during World War I. Australian and New Zealand forces played an integral role, making this novel just to perfect to delve into as ANZAC Day approaches.

Evan is just fourteen. He lives in Apollo Bay, Victoria, with his father, a god fearing man who travels with their donkey Diligence delivering orders of specialities such as herbs, spices and medicines to those who are more isolated.

Since his mother died Evan and his father’s bond has become incredibly strong. So strong, that when his dad decides his calling is to help in Gallipoli, Evan has no hesitation in joining him too.

Arriving in Greece they soon make themselves invaluable … until an unfortunate turn of events leaves them both stranded in enemy country. They become reliant on their wits and the kindness of strangers to help them escape.

Told in diary format, the stand out quality of Kerry Greenwood’s novel is the way in which she captures Evan’s voice. The diary feels natural as Evan’s voice comes across in a realistic manner. Evan’s instinctive reactions to what he sees and hears during this life changing journey are compelling – and open up many questions.

Blending history with fiction Greenwood’s novel is powerful, and intriguing.

And that ending? You won’t have seen that coming!!


Kerry Greenwood

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