101 Bums by Sam Harper and Chris Jevons

I can hear giggles from the other room. Lots of giggles. I peek through the crack in the door to see what has tickled my 6 year old. He’s sat cross legged on the sofa with his head buried in the comical genius that is ‘101 Bums’ by Sam Harper and Chris Jevons. A colourful array of animal bums fill every page alongside a read-along rhyming text that little ones will love to join in with.

A teacher for 20 years and a mum to 3 and I have rarely come across a child who doesn’t find books with bums in hilarious! There’s something about that word – kids can’t say it without a smile and a chuckle. So the combination of the word bum (several times on each double page) and Sam Harpers sing-song rhymes make it perfect for entertaining a young audience.

The illustrations by Chris Jevons are just perfect – all 101 bums. Silly but perfect! There’s a hula hooping panda bear, skateboarding dinosaur and a posing mole amongst others! All proudly displaying their bottoms and all set to make you smile!

So, if you’re looking for a book that children will reach for and enjoy time and time again then this is the one! In this house, we are looking forward to the next instalment in the series – 101 Spooky Bums – sure to be just as silly and something to look forward to in the autumn!



Sam Harper
Chris Jevons
Hodder Children's Books

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