10 Reasons to Love a Penguin

10reasonstoloveapenguin10 Reasons to Love a Penguin is written by Catherine Barr and illustrated by Hanako Clulow. It is an informative non-fiction book all about… PENGUINS!

I thought I knew all there was to know about penguins, but this book proved me wrong! As a child, I collected penguins (not real!) and learnt all about them. As an adult, my heart still does a little flutter if I see a book to do with penguins. So imagine my excitement at having the pleasure to review this one!

10 Reasons to Love a Penguin shows the reader just how amazing these birds are. For starters, did you know there are 18 species? Did you know they have transparent eyelids? This book is full of fun informative facts.

The information is presented in such a way that the book will appeal to younger and older children. Very often in such books, the pages can feel cluttered with information. ‘10 reasons to love a penguin’ has cleverly laid out the text and left plenty of space for the detailed illustrations by Hanako Clulow to show how these amazing birds live on land and sea.

I really like the added touch where the reader is invited to ‘show you love a penguin’ by following the five suggestions dotted throughout the book.

If you didn’t love penguins already, then after reading this book – you certainly will!

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